Recommended Gear List

We encourage all our athletes to invest in proper gear. Not only will your training be more efficient, but you’ll be more comfortable and more likely to be enthusiastic about your training.

Each multi-sport discipline has it’s unique gear. Some cross-over. Here’s a starting list:


A wetsuit is key. All the major brands will do. Googles are essential for both pool training and open water swims. Bathing cap as well.


A good bike is important. A proper bike fitting even more so. We recommend Colorado Multisport.

Make sure your bike has aerobars. Again, faster and more efficient.

Waterbottles and a cyclometer are key.


Good shoes. Enough said. Especially if you have flat arches or have a history of running injuries. Like the bike, a proper fit is key. Hit your favorite running store. Colorado has tons of them.

A watch. We like multi-sport GPS watches, but a basic GPS watch will be fine. You’ll want it for pacing and heart rate.

Everything else

Don’t forget about nutrition. You need to eat well to train well!

Tri Kit is important for race day.