WickedFast Winter Session and Indoor Triathlon Series!

Beginning, Tuesday, Jan 4, WickedFast Triathlon Team has a very exciting new training opportunity at the Colorado Springs Recreation Center!  The Rec Center is hosting an indoor triathlon series every other Tuesday evening for the next eight weeks.

The series will provide us with swim, bike and run benchmarks and opportunities to aim toward specific goals in each of the three disciplines. Coaches will be able to provide immediate form and technique analysis while athletes are working at racing speeds and intensities.  We will develop and practice racing strategies, and give the athletes an outstanding jump on the spring and summer racing season!

Many of the WF athletes are prepared for the adult distance.  If you have questions before registering please e-mail or talk with Alan or me.  We will swim in the pool, ride on spin bikes and run on treadmills.  All the training/racing is indoors and timed.  Transitions will be an un-timed portion of the event which allows athletes to change gear for each of the disciplines.  For further details see the attached flyer below.

Preparation –
*Fee – $6
* Location – Colorado Springs Recreation Center, 280 S. Union Blvd
* Distances – Adult / swim 300 / bike 8 miles / run 2 miles
Youth / swim 100 / bike 4 miles / run 1 mile
* Time – Arrive 4:30 – 4:45 pm
* Indoor swim/bike/run gear (no bikes)
* Sport drink and water
* Be properly hydrated and pay attention to your nutrition throughout the day

Please register for the Spring Session through the website www.wickedfastri.com
Spring Schedule – Tues / Thurs / 4:30 – 5:45 pm
Sat / 2 – 3:30 pm

Let’s get WickedFaster!!